Monday, February 01, 2010


This is a poem I finished last night (1/30/10). It is about Dolores, who I have been thinking about as I am finishing a book about significant aspects of our life together. I hope you enjoy the poem -- I am also working on a book of poetry. Will I ever publish it? Who knows. Everyone raves over the "poets" who don't rhyme and who rant and rave as they angrily read their "work," whereas what I write seems unfit for public consumption, due to the fact that it has a point, it rhymes, and it generally has rhythm. Anyway, please enjoy!

We dreamed together while awake
Our ancient bonds we could not escape
We saw the path our life would take
We wanted Real, we eschewed fake
We prepared to survive a big earthquake
And Dolores’ dharma was bread to bake

We studied symbols that came our way
Secret message in our path did lay
Words in ads, numbers on license and house
Tatoos on drums that were made in Taos

We recorded, studied what it meant
Timely messages from above were sent
Saw hidden message in coffee cup
Patterns in clouds made us look up
Sometimes say change your way, repent
Or confirmed path was true to full extent
Pursued ethical business to help pay rent
Though at times we barely had a cent.

A great trip we took to Tahlequah, OK
Later in Gallup, and the pipe we did smoke
Followed Red Path as best we could
Shared our lessons in the neighborhood
Lots of ups and downs and in betweens
Often wish we met when in our teens
Towards end, Dolores business of boarding dogs
Renting to students, ebay, and writing blogs
She was quite a gal with talents many
I often linked her to our Henny Penny
She loved to dwell in Hawaii world
When her Eagle was present, her spirit unfurled

But time goes on as time it does
We all lose all that we loves
It was Dolores’ time, and she moved on
But I still can’t believe that she is gone

In my heart she’s with me always
In my mind I can view her gaze
If my mind-ear listens, I hear her phrase
I see her now where spirit Eagle plays
Where there are no bright colors, only grays
In the land I can’t reach, my eyes only glaze
Where she serves her bread on golden trays
Where she faces east to morning rays
Oh, that my end would be like hers, my heart prays
Dolores, you will be with me to the end of days.


john said...

the tears which scar the face
fall far from the place
where ocean roars

yet lift to meet
the morning mist
and rise where eagle soars

in gratitude to the flame
which turned fell tree
to warmth and light

eternal fire still remains
long after the ashes
have left our sight

christopher Nyerges said...

wow! what a gift! thank you for your poetry. It lifts my spirit!