Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ron Hood's Review of my book

When "How to Survive Anywhere" first came out in 2006, the publisher sent a review copy to Ron Hood of  This is what Ron sent to me:

Yesterday I received a mysterious package from Stackpole books... Oh, oh, another book to review. When I opened the packaged I was delighted to find Christopher’s new "How to Survive Anywhere" book. This slick 264 page book is the latest in Christopher’s long series of publications and... far and away the best.

I sat down to skim the book first but before long I discovered that the multitude of photos had captured my interest in ways that brought my eyes to the text. I started to actually read the book. I gotta say that THIS book is “must have” for your library! I cannot use enough superlatives and if I did I would sound like a copywriter for the publisher. Simply, the book is exceptional.

It covers "Urban, suburban, rural and wilderness environments." It is filled with great tricks well thought out and presented, often with a plethora of excellent telling photos. What sets this book apart is that the photos show the process as well as the result in many topics. It makes it easy for the reader to replicate the steps and successfully make what the text describes. It is also filled with smiling faces that make the skills look like fun!

If you have not yet started your survival skills library, start with this book.

In the library you should have:

Christopher’s Book
Aboman's book
John McCann's book

Well done, Christopher!

Ron Hood