Monday, February 15, 2010

The Death Seminars

Dolores and I enjoyed conducting classes in our home. For a period of time during the mid-1990s, we discontinued renting out the front unit of our duplex, and we used it for meetings and classes. Some weeks, we’d have up to five classes, but usually we’d have two to three a week. These would be classes based upon the metaphysical studies we were doing in association with WTI, or they were survival and self-reliance classes based upon how we lived our lives. We called this enterprise Gateway, and we published a monthly schedule of our classes and lectures.

One night, we offered a class called “What Happens After Death.” About 10 people showed up for this one, which was a large class for our small meeting room.

We began by telling everyone that this was not some sort of religious exercise, nor was anyone required to “agree with” or “believe” anything we were telling them. Rather, we simply asked that they consider the scenario that we’d be sharing as a possibility, and that we would not consider “arguments” or “debates” about it. In other words, something does “happen” to us after our body dies. This “something” can range from “nothing” to reincarnation to “going to hell” and many other possibilities.

We were students of Harold Percival’s “Thinking and Destiny” book, and we explained that for this class, we’d be sharing his version of what happens after we die. Obviously, Dolores and I considered this version to be not only acceptable, but possible and plausible.

A brief explanation about Percival is required. He claimed in the preface to his monumental “Thinking and Destiny” book that he “came to” the information that he shares by means of what he calls “Real Thinking.” He further defines “Real Thinking” as a four-part process. The first step is the selection of a topic and turning the Conscious Light on it. (The Nature of Conscious Light is addressed repeatedly in his book). Next comes the fixing and cleansing of the subject, which is done by training the Light upon it. Then, the third step is to reduce the subject to a point, which is done by focusing Light upon it. This is what we would call "concentrating.” Lastly, by following this procedure, with the Light focused on the point, the result of this Thinking is a “Knowing” about the subject.

He provides no bibliography, no references, no “proofs” for anything he proffers except that the reader can do his or her own Real Thinking for verification. In general, Percival describes the evolutionary path that each of us should be on to awaken our minds of which we are composed. In fact, he says we really have no choice in the matter, that the purpose of life is to evolve, sooner or later.

Upon body death, according to Percival, we “automatically” go through a series of steps, which he initially describes as a brief overview on pages 240 to 253. He describes a specific order of 12 events, which includes a life-review, a judgement, a heaven-state, etc.
So, the purpose of our “What Happens After Death” class was to emphasize that all of us WILL die, and that “something” WILL then occur or begin, even if that something is “nothingness.”

After our brief explanation, we asked each participant to lie on our floor.

“Now you have just died,” we announced, and we covered each person with a sheet to further simulate the death experience. We then read through the after-death stages, one by one, slowly, in the darkened room, asked each participant to work hard to fully feel the experience.

Talking through this process took about 45 minutes.

Then, we got through the entire cycle, and explained that these steps could actually take several hundred years of earth time. Then it would be time for being reborn into a suitable and appropriate family, in the place on earth that we’ve earned for ourselves.

We turned on the lights, and removed the sheets, and let everyone take a few minutes to get their eyes adjusted to the light. Slowly, each person opened their eyes and slowly got up, and sat down in a chair.

We began to share significant experiences that each person had. A few folks were very quiet and would not talk at all, but others were very talkative. Some were even in tears.

We closed the class by telling everyone that they had not died tonight, and they everyone now has a “new opportunity” to still “do the right things” since they were still alive in a body.

We shared some freshly-made coffee-elixir and healthful cookies, and we discussed a few of the upcoming classes and poetry readings that we’d be having in the coming weeks. But no one was interested. Most everyone was strongly affected by the experience, and they wanted to ask more questions, which we tried to answer. As usual, we didn’t feel like the most perfect examples in the world, but we knew that “the future” is all the result of each and every choice that we make, second by second, and the consequences of those choices. To make the wisest possible choices every second of one’s entire life required a unique sort of sobriety and focus which itself required a unique lifestyle regimen to maintain – and, of course, those details were the subjects of our on-going classes.


Kathleen said...

What a powerful experience to have participated in and provided for others.

loweyesah said...

Being reminded of one's mortality is a great lesson that some do not always learn, until later in life. I think it is a healthy thing to recognize this fact - our mortality. Living a life knowing that our choices do make a difference helps some to choose the better path in life.
Thanks for sharing this experince with us....

Frank Loaiza