Thursday, February 04, 2010


[written while waiting in probate court 02/02/10]

Legal world of halls and courts
Paying fines, and collecting torts
In front of judge expose all warts
Lawyers nose buried in thick reports.

The thin veneer that looks so clean
But under the surface there’s so much mean
Can only survive if the mind is keen
And you present yourself as outwardly clean.

It’s a wonderful institute that we’ve created
Keeps us from killing our neighbors hated
Gives us a chance to keep our word as stated
Punishes actions of bullies baited.

But is it Justice, or for what is Right?
Is it for these things in court we fight?
Shouldn’t it elevate us to new moral height
Isn’t the goal that we see the Light?
Sadly, what happens in court is not all that bright
Keeps us from killing our neighbors with might
Somewhat relieves our deep night fright
Barely keeps us civil in our moral blight
Has little to do with what’s wrong or Right.

Is it about Justice, what’s objectively Best?
Or are the resolutions of these matters only guessed?
Where we find out our life is only a test
Where our eyes are opened before final rest?

Sadly, we’ve not achieved this lofty goal
For now we play a pretenders role
Rather than a diamond, we’ve chosen a coal
Would that our courts were concerned with our soul.


john said...
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john said...

a standard uniform
or well tailored suit
crawling low on the earth
while wearing a parachute

covering the real color
blurring authentic lines
a shallow bed of flowers
on top of the land mines

words shot like arrows
with a flowery twist
one man is beheaded
one slapped on the wrist

and its all based on code
which appears black and white
while the myriad colors
are removed from our sight

the dance has been standardized
the dirt has been sterilized
the truth is immobilized
the motion is paralyzed