Thursday, July 18, 2013

TUNNEL 16 (an excerpt)

[An excerpt from Tunnel 16, a science fiction novel by Nyerges, available by Kindle, or as a pdf download from Store at]


Rick stared out at what appeared to be a vast lake, in a tall cavern, lit by some unseen subtle light source. Had Rick walked forward without care, he would have tumbled into this large nearly round lake.  He stood at the edge of his trail, looking out at the unbelievable scene stretched before him.  “How is this possible?” Rick whispered to himself.
It took a while for his eyes to adjust in the dim illumination. The path appeared to go on the entire circumference of the lake, though he could not clearly discern the far end.  Rick shined his flashlight across the lake but his little flashlight was not strong enough to illuminate the distant opposite side.
Rick heard some rocks tumble, and splash into the water.  He shined his flashlight in that direction and saw nothing.  Then  he saw a spark, a flash.  What was that?, thought Rick.  My imagination? 
            Above the water level by about 30 or more feet, there appeared to be another path on a shelf that roughly followed the circumference of the vast lake.  On this upper path, Rick could see as many as 12 – maybe more – openings that led into unknown areas.  Rick could not imagine how such an area could possibly be man-made.
            Though the water’s surface was still, Rick could see that there were objects in the water that stuck out maybe a foot or more.  These were cylindrical objects, not at all like stalagmites or stalactites, but cylindrical, obviously man-made objects with a flat top, sticking out of the water. These cylinders were more or less evenly-spaced in the water. Though Rick could not be certain, the source of the dim illumination in the cave seemed to come from these objects in the water.
            As Rick’s eyes adjusted to the dim light in the cavern, he began to examine the walls of the inside of the cavern. They were not like the tunnel he’d been walking in.  This was more like solid rock, and it was smooth, not rough.  Rick turned on his flashlight to see how tall the ceiling went, and the ceiling seemed incredibly high.  He turned the flashlight off.
How was this possible? thought Rick.  What about earthquake faults?  What about flooding?  How is the water controlled?  Are there fish in here?   Rick thought it was too cold, and too dark for fish, and besides, there was no movement in the water.
            Rick stood up to examine the lintel of the tunnel which led him to the cave.  He turned on his flashlight to see if there was any writing there, as there was in the first fork he encountered early on.
            To his amazement, there was a passage in English, and a longer passage of hieroglyphs similar to the one’s he saw earlier.  Rick felt frustrated that he didn’t have his notebook, but he began to study the images above the tunnel opening.  Most were simple shapes that must have meant something, or could have been some sort of symbolic art. But the English phrase caught Rick by surprise, and confirmed that at least some English-speaking people had come into the cave before Rick. 
            He held his flashlight up to the writing.  It was neatly carved into the upper wall, and had been painted with red and black, and the entire English phrase was circled.
            Rick read it out loud:

TIME IS an undulating
(but cohesive)
F  A  B  R  I  C

A linear flux
(i.e., vibrating sinewave(s))
It enables us to See
All yesterdays
AND all  tomorrows
AND all  dimensions

            “So what on earth is that supposed to mean?” thought Rick.  Why would someone write such an obscure thing deep in a tunnel?  Does it have something to do with time travel, or is this just some nut’s  mumbo-jumbo
Rick was hoping for something more mundane, like “This way to the desert,” or something like that. Rick stared at the phrase.  Who was it meant for?  Why was it put in this particular spot, over this tunnel?  Rick wanted to get out and go home, but he felt compelled to see if there was similar writing over the other openings. 
            He walked to his right on the narrow passageway that led in the direction that Rick believed was eastward, along the eastern edge of the vast cavernous lake.  He reached the next tunnel in about 5 minutes, and shone his flashlight up over the entry when something unseen  knocked him to the ground, along with his flashlight. Rick passed out.

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