Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mayan Ceremony with Miguel Angel Vergara

I participated in a Mayan ceremony Sunday  (July 14) with Miguel Angel Vergara, who came to San Diego County from Mexico to teach. Helen and I and many others have traveled with Vergara in Mexico and Guatemala, learning about the esoteric side of the Mayan culture, in the classroom and in the field at the old archaeological sites, like Mayapan, Chichen Itza, Palenque, etc.  

Vergara was the director at Chichen Itza for many years.  He's written many books, but the one that is a good "starter" is "Sacred Knowledge of the Maya."  It's available at Lulu.com. 

You can also learn about his classes and podcasts at Casakin.org. 

Miguel Angel Vergara is a remarkable, humble man with a very basic message.

After a weekend of classes in San Diego, he led the group of  17 through a Mayan ceremony on a mountaintop in San Diego that Vergara said felt very much like the sacred sites of the Maya.  

I have written many times elsewhere about the teachings of Vergara. If you cannot find those writings, just email and ask.

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