Friday, August 22, 2014

How to Survive Anywhere, 2nd edition

The second revised edition of my “How to Survive Anywhere” book has just been released, and you’re really going to enjoy it.

Some of the noteworthy points in this new edition include recognizing George Michaud for having figured out how the ancient promontory peg was used, and a mention of how Alan Halcon made fire with the hand drill in two seconds!

When the book was originally written, I wanted a guide that would be useful in all circumstances, with the basics that I’d learned and acquired from a lifetime of study, application, and research.  That’s why I didn’t focus on scenarios, per se, but rather the basics that must always be taken into account in order to live and survive any situation, anywhere.

The book addresses the basics of water, water purification, finding water, and storing water. It includes all the ways to make a fire when you have no matches, and ways to cook including how to make a low-cost solar oven.  There is a whole chapter on health and hygience, something I rarely see in a “survival” book.  We cover how to make alternate toilets, and the many soaps that are found in the wild.

Clothing and the many possible fabrics is addressed, and some patterns are provided in the book for making your own clothing.  Shelters are discussed, and there are plenty of photos and drawings to assist you in making your own shelter, should the need ever arise.   There is also a whole chapter on natural fibres, and how to  make twine, braids, sandals, baskets, etc. This is truly a lost art.

Food in the city and food in the wilderness are both addressed, along with a list of some of the most common, readily recognizable wild plants. Traditional hunting methods are discussed, such as deadfalls, snares, and bows. 

There are chapters on first aid and navigation with some unique information, but those chapters are kept deliberately short since there are so many good references on those two topics.

Of course, my favorite chapter is the last, “What is Survival?” where I describe that survival is not just about having stuff, but about a mindset and way of life.

This revised 2nd edition is 32 pages longer with lots of new graphics, including chapter summaries inside an acorn, called “In a Nutshell.”  There are new charts for the four mechanisms that create fire, and the four ways in which water is purified.

The books is available wherever books are sold, like Amazon, and copies can be obtained from the store at

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