Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Paul Campbell's Latest Book! "THE UNIVERSAL TOOL KIT"

THE UNIVERSAL TOOL KIT: Out of Africa to Native California
By Paul Campbell

This is the latest by Paul Campbell, released September of 2013.

“The Universal Tool Kit” refers to taking a rock and turning it into a tool. Some of you may think this is not a very interesting subject, but believe me, it’s an incredible insightful look at how ancient man survived. This is not the theoretical charts and arrows and categorization you might get in an anthropology class.  Campbell brings it alive, and makes it relevant.

Just like his previous two books – “Survival Skills of Ancient California” and “Paints and Pigments” – Campbell thoroughly investigates his subject matter.

Campbell gives us a review of stone tools in primitive cultures around the world, and how extreme simplicity was the name of the game. This is not  a book about fancy flint-knapping. Rather, this is a book that describes Campbell’s personal research and experimentation in making quick and simple stone tools, and how he went about using those tools to make bows, atlatls, and other necessary products. It seems that too many people have made all the basic survival skills all so complicated.  Too many folks are telling us you must have this huge knife and this big compass and that big weapon. 

Why?  Because for the people selling all the survival paraphernalia, it helps to put their daughters through college.  But if  you really want to get simple and get basic, then just GET THIS BOOK.  A stone is the ultimate survival tool. And guess what?  When you’re done reading this book, you’ll agree with Campbell that you really don’t need the stone, per se. The greatest skill is your knowledge, and your ability to transform natural resources into the tools of everyday life and survival.

Campbell gives you a thorough background in the subject in a readable way.  You’ll know far more than the average anthropologist after reading this.  He describes how to make one-day willow bow, atlatls and spears, flakers, and more. Fully illustrated with hundreds of photos and drawings, this is the book you will want when  you do the research that matters. 

Top quality hard cover, 316 pages.  Suggested retail is 29.95. 
The exclusive distributor is currently School of Self-reliance, where you can get the book for $25 plus postage at the Store at www.ChristopherNyerges. 

HOWEVER, you can purchase through this blog for only $15!  To order this book through this BLOG,  you can send a check for $15 + $5 priority postage to School of Self-reliance, Box 41834, Eagle Rock, CA 90041, or do a Paypal payment to Christopher_nyerges@yahoo.com, and leave a message that this is for Paul’s book.  You will NOT see this special deal on the School of Self-reliance Store, only here.

Also, if you know bookstores or museums or schools that want to buy wholesale, please send Christopher an email.

Footnote: YES, you did just read a shameless plug for Paul’s new book, but believe me, this is one book you will keep when you use the rest of your books for toilet paper or tinder.  It’s an awesome book, and we’re practically giving it away.  ALSO, if you don’t want to pay the postage, simply show up at the beginning of one of Christopher’s outings (the Schedule is on the website), and just identify yourself as a reader of this BLOG for the $15 price!!  It is also probably the perfect gift for Christmas, Hanukah, New Years, birthdays, whatever.


jorg gray said...

The Universal Tool Kit” refers to taking a rock and turning it into a tool. Some of you may think this is not a very interesting subject, but believe me, it’s an incredible insightful look at how ancient man survived. 6 figure tool kit

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