Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Profound Ohio Mound

[This writing was inspired by certain events in my life beginning in late October of 2008, coupled with some lucid dreams.  It seems to dovetail well with my current studies from 1491, Cahokia, and Living the Sky: The Cosmos of the American Indian.  I still work with the meaning of this insight, as it’s deep and profound; this writing was intended as a reminder and teacher.  I hope you find it useful.]

I sat atop old Indian mound
Corn stalks growing all around
Huge clouds hovered pink, profound
Wind picked up, made ancient sound
I craved to find meaning of it all
Called Great Spirit without having to crawl
Felt no use for white-eyes malls
Saw sky spit forth lightning balls
Wild wind whipped them into vortex-walls
I felt my spine stretch skyward-tall
As wondered what life was before The Fall
And asked skygod to show me all.

Clean rain bathed me in light-dance
Clouds-code sky was Holy Grail
Leaves and things were all a-sail
As bluster-winds became shout-gale
I deeply breathed so wouldn’t fail
My ardent search for Redpath Trail
I sat firm-fixed an hour more
As storm bore deep into my core
I prayed to see through secret door
That opened to a mystic shore
But no such vision did come-forth
I entered wind, and with it tore
free from my face, into my core,
Then slipped into symbolic 4

As wind-danced free on top of mound
Chief Manitou with me whirled-‘round
Skyscraper-tall he danced profound
As chanted my destiny that I’d never found
Brave-path he laid for me to follow
No more in human-ness was I to wallow
ONLY Honor-code must I now allow
And cease all action moral-hollow.

As sun set golden-red I woke
Felt fired by words Great Chief had spoke
Profound wind-dance had been no joke
New inner-glows of life he’d stoked

I groggy-rose and slow-returned to whence I’d come
Thought deeply ‘bout new name he’d given me with sacred drum
Long drive home gave me much time to think
I felt like child on edge of brand-new brink
Cool pristine waters of new PURPOSE I then had to drink
And NEVERMORE in rude-existence sink

I was astounded how much time elapsed
As I straight-sat on ancient mound enrapt
I knew new lifepath was now laid for me
Though no details I could yet clearly see
Only broad outlines of what was then to be
To follow Redpath Way to pull soul UP and FREE
Including study of the Signatures of all Mortality
And eschew Mammon-pulls to only money see
To honor VIRTUE-TRUTH (and not mere “honesty”).

My mortal mind was unprepared for that Great-Spirit talk
So felt afraid I was not worthy to do such upright walk
But – with return to normal world into which I now felt hurled
I chose hold-tight to what that vision had unfurled
As listened to car-roof being hail-and-raindrops whirled
And careful-drove back towards my humble home
While vowing that my soul I’d not again loose-roam
Decided to begin by this experience revealing
To all who might be similarly-Feeling
And freely-share with those who hungered for The Real 

That TRUTH-pursuit has naught to do with metaphysi-spiel 
But’s lifelong task to make (and eat) each day as spirit-diet meal 
And ARDENT-Seek to differentiate twixt Counterfeit and Real. 

As gratitude then through me flowed, 
I pulled car off to side of road, 
Got out, and humbly towards that Mound did kneel,
And saw the clouds above it slow-congeal
Into horizons-reaching Sacred Wheel.


Yifan said...

Lovely - I could feel the wind in my face :)

Yee Fun

Christopher Nyerges said...

Yes my brother, it was a very real experience....