Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Self-discovery seems to be the ultimate quest for each of us. Who am I, what is my purpose in life.

I was watching a segment of “The Last Wave,” and Charlie the elder asks the Richard Chamberlain character, “Who are you?” It seemed to be a question that Chamberlain was not used to hearing, or answering.

I picked up a DVD of “Moon” with Sam Rockwell, having heard nothing about the movie. The cover reads “the hardest thing to face is yourself.”

“Moon” gives us an opportunity to look at what we mean by self-identity. It allows us to consider that much of what we call “me” is nothing but a construct, a collection of memories, but very little of what is real.

I don’t want to give the plot twist of the movie away, but I strongly recommend it as a vehicle for self-analysis and self-discovery. Don’t look at it as “just a science fiction story.”

Later in the day, my mentor asked me, “Do you believe that you are real?” Rather than glibly answer, “of course I do,” I considered what “Moon” was forcing me to consider. I realized that we never satisfactorily answer this question because we don’t delve deeply into the meaning of “me” and “I” as well as the meaning of “real.” In this case, I was considering the definition of “real” as per the writing of Percival in “Thinking and Destiny” where he equates “real” with a level of Conscious Light.

Anyway, watch “Moon” and let’s discuss further.


loweyesah said...

I watched Moon recently and really enjoyed the "old School" Sci-fi vibe that it had...
I beleive I am real and I know that because i experience life and have relationships with other beings. I feel pain and love and experience events.

christopher Nyerges said...

yes, Loweyesah, but Sam (also) experienced life, had pain, felt love, and had a relationship with his wife... and yet...

jiling said...

who are you?
no really, who ARE you?
wonderful questions that cannot be answered verbally, but can only be experienced on a deep gut level
i enjoy reading your blogposts. thanks!
and i look forward to meeting you back in california!